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Aimia Loyalty Systems

When you’re ready to create your loyalty program, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. We have the perfect solution for your business. Happy with the cloud? We can do that. Need an enterprise approach? Guess what? We do that, too.

If you’re thinking about creating a loyalty program, here are some of the challenges you’re going to have to overcome:

  • Dated technology systems that are costly to integrate.
  • Lack of customers’ personal data.
  • Delivering a consistent experience across channels.
  • Surprise costs that can blow the budget.
  • The need to respond quickly in a changing market.

Aimia can help you design, deploy and manage your loyalty program, to help you meet – and master – these challenges.
We’ll help you build stronger customer relationships by delighting them with every interaction with your brand.

  • Understand your members and markets as they evolve.
  • Hold your customers’ attention through memorable, personal experiences that reward their loyalty.
  • Learn new ways to engage with your customers and thank them for their loyalty.

Based on your business goals, we work with you to create the right program and support package to deliver exactly what you need:

  • Aimia Loyalty Platform - SaaS: Ready made, ready to grow, ready for business
  • Aimia Loyalty Platform - Enterprise: Custom-built for your business. Accepts adaptation.

Aimia currently operates more than 70 programs serving over 50 million consumers worldwide across multiple industries. The ALP-SaaS platform has helped all our clients solve their problems.

Fast, flexible and no surprises

ALP-SaaS is a cloud-based loyalty system, that’s ready-made and ready to deploy. We can have your own loyalty system up and running across all your channels in 8-12 weeks. You can tailor the loyalty tools to your own business without the need for software developers. You get insights from the built-in data reporting. And you can segment, sync and export your data.

Choose the standard tools you want from this menu:

  • Single customer view across all channels and campaigns.
  • One-time setup cost plus a monthly fee based on number of program members.
  • Open architecture and published APIs to smoothly integrate with almost any system.
  • Capture and attribute transaction and interaction data from multiple sources, helping identify, reward and retain your most valuable customers.
  • Real-time calculation, issuance and redemption of rewards.
  • Easy-to-use interfaces for call center agents.
  • Advanced customer segmentation based on customer value and behavior.
  • Cross-channel capabilities supporting bonus offers via in-store and mobile applications.
  • Reliable reporting environment allowing for critical monthly/quarterly/annual deadlines

We Do It For You

Aimia manages all of this for you in a SaaS solution that’s hosted in secure, private cloud storage. So you don’t have to worry about maintaining it yourself. You can grow your own business while we take care of your platform for you.

And because this is a SaaS solution, you get the benefit of ongoing enhancements without having to pay extra. You can be confident you’re always using the latest technology.

What’s included?

  • Program Strategy - we work with you to ensure a competitive value proposition, a rewarding customer experience, and an economic model designed to deliver for growth.
  • Onboarding Process - we work in partnership with your IT team and other third-party vendors to get started.
  • SaaS Loyalty Platform - The self-service platform enables an array of promotions, campaigns and rewards to keep your customers engaged. Documented APIs and technical support come as standard.
  • Client Success Program - We carry out quarterly reviews of your program’s performance and works with you to keep pushing your results higher.

Our Professional Services team help you set up and manage your program. They’ll help you with configuration, analytics, communications and rewards.

The Aimia Loyalty Platform – Enterprise is perfect for larger organisations that need compliant, robust systems. The core application is a bespoke solution designed around your business needs. On top of the core, we create bespoke adaptors that allow you to integrate your loyalty system with other enterprise solutions such as SAP or

Why choose Aimia Loyalty Platform – Enterprise?


Customers want things now. Our platform is there when they are. It works in real-time, responding immediately to customer actions.


Security is paramount for customers and brands – and it’s at the heart of our solution. We use a robust, role-based security model. Every user request is challenged to ensure that they who they say they are, and they have the necessary permission to carry out a specific activity.


Customers don’t see “channels” or “devices”, they just want to interact and communicate. So do we. Our platform works on any device, up to its own capabilities.

Alert to interactions

Increasingly, customer interactions are more important than the actual transaction. Our platform is built around interactions. It is adept at recognizing purchases and other types of customer behavior, such as location-based check-ins.


Our platform makes it easy to change things as your program develops. There’s no need to second-guess everything upfront. The platform is highly configurable, whether it’s a new language, new promotion, new reward, or a new partner.


Scalability normally comes at a price and this price is normally paid upfront. But not with us. Our platform is different.

Utilizing the cloud, we are able to scale from a proof-of-concept program to the largest multi-national program, and anything in between.

What’s included?

  • Configuration website to create, maintain and manage program configuration, user access and services.
  • Loyalty toolkit for marketing and operations to tailor, target and publish promotions in real time.
  • Call center application for a single-page view of the member, to manage members and view their interactions with the program.
  • Member website for members to register and enroll, manage their accounts, and interact with the program including promotions opt-in and reward redemption
  • External third-party APIs to allow for additional integrations.

The ALP-E platform is designed and built on an 80/20 principle. 80% of what it does comes from the core product, and 20% can be built as needed to address the unique needs of your business.

Our Professional Services team help you set up and manage your program. They’ll help you with configuration, analytics, communications and rewards.




Getting your own loyalty program up and running can be a challenge. But there’s no need to go it alone. Let Aimia help you build a coalition of like-minded brands.

We make business personal by helping companies create better relationships with their best customers. Coalitions have proved themselves as a very effective tool to achieve these relationships.

Our partners and clients benefit from our expertise and the global best practices. We design, develop and manage more coalition loyalty programs than anyone else in the industry.

So, you’ve decided a loyalty program will help you strengthen your relationships with your customers. Good call. Now you have an important decision to make.

Are you going to create a program just for your brand? Or are you going to embark on some form of partnership? In the world of loyalty programs, the most integrated partnerships are coalitions. Here’s how a coalition works.

In a coalition, different companies issue the same loyalty currency – points, for example – and the program is managed centrally. This is very efficient because the coalition partners share the costs of infrastructure and innovation.

Because they are so hard to copy, coalitions give partners access to unique, broad data sets and long-term competitive advantage.

But the most important benefits are for the members: they earn points in different places and can therefore earn more valuable rewards. They only need to understand the ins and outs of one program. And because it touches many different kinds of spending, it’s very relevant for their everyday lives.



Professional Services

There’s more to loyalty than software. More to it than data. Our loyalty experts will bring expertise AND experience to your business, helping you scope out, implement, manage and measure the success of your loyalty program.

We’ve learned a lot about loyalty systems over the last 30 years. We know what works, and we know why it works. We’ve gained this experience on our clients’ programs, and on those we own and operate ourselves.

That means we are uniquely placed to combine that knowledge with the huge volumes of data we crunch every day, every week, every month, every year, to offer you bespoke advice on how to get the most out of your own loyalty system. We offer a range of complementary professional services:

Loyalty strategy

Health-checks for clients who want to refresh their existing loyalty program. Our Lite Assessment measures program effectiveness and identifies quick wins. Deep Assessment spots gaps and recommends a complete strategy. We offer Design services and work with you if you want to create a new loyalty program or overhaul your existing program.  First we ensure senior management agree on the goals of your program. Then we create a prototype and write the high-level business case. Finally, we design the program and work with you to implement it.

Program management

We keep your loyalty program current with basic updates. We manage program communication and promotional needs. And we can manage your entire program for you,.

Rewards and Partner Management

We design an appropriate rewards mix for your audience. We tailor your rewards to match your customer segments. And we tailor your rewards-mix to get maximum customer engagement.

Campaign Management

We can support and build on your communications strategies.   We connect with existing marketing eco-systems to leverage existing customer data and can plan, build and track campaigns to ensure robust testing and precise measurement. We’ll create personalized customer communications and deliver omnichannel campaign strategies.  

Loyalty Analytics

We measure your program to identify which customers to target. We understand program performance and fine-tune your offerings. We influence customer behaviour and motivate them to stay engaged with your brand.